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Since 1992, the Rochester Hotel Association, has been an institution to help foster, develop and promote, the business of it's fellow members. We are a non-profit organization that allows the interchange of ideas and information, in order to protect the hotel industry in the Greater Rochester area.


The Rochester Hotel Association's mission is to improve business conditions for hotel operators by promoting good fellowship, cooperation and mutual interest among its members. The association is also here to encourage the exchange of ideas and disseminating essential information among its members, for the common good and welfare of the hotel industry in the Greater Rochester Area.


The Rochester Hotel Association exists to not only promote the welfare of its fellow members, but also to educate and inspire the future leaders of the hotel industry.



The Rochester Hotel Association is comprised of industry professionals that strive to not only create warm, welcoming and inviting environments for their guests, but also for their employees and community. We actively work together to make sure all members receive pertinent information so that each may improve the service provided to their guest and to improve the work setting for their employees.


The Rochester Hotel Association is committed to helping the industry leaders of tomorrow. Many officers actively participate in the classroom setting to bring first-hand knowledge of what is happening in the hospitality industry, as well as, what's to come. Also, every year we award several scholarships to hospitality students that not only receive high marks at school, but also are actively gaining work experience in the field.

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